What Clients Have to Say

“Heather’s ability to asses imbalances in the body seems to come as a natural ability, enhanced by her extensive training. Her knack for addressing health issues is impressive and backed by science. At first she was able to help me through menopausal symptoms, and furthermore, expanded my understanding of hormone balance, mineral balance and many other essentials that are required for proper health. Heather is an excellent and skilled practitioner. All one needs to do is follow her expertise and progress will be made.”

-J.W. – Plymouth Massachusetts

“I couldn’t be more thrilled to share my incredible journey with Heather !. As a 19-year-old struggling with hormonal imbalances, I felt like I was navigating a maze with no exit. That’s when I sought out the guidance of a NTP and my life hasn’t been the same since.MY moods are stabalized, my sleep patterns have returned to normal, and my skin conditions have improved! Today, as a happy and healthier 19-year-old, I can confidently say that Nutrional Therapy with Heather has been a lifeline. If you’re struggling with hormonal imbalances or simply seeking a holistic approach to nutrition, look no further. Heather has the expertise, and support to guide you towards a healthier and happier you.”

-B.F. – Plymouth MA

“ I have been having some serious gut issues the past year and a half. There have been no answers with countless visits to my doctor’s office, seeing GI specialists, and getting specific procedures and tests done. With the help of Heather, she has been able to find the root cause and tell me what I should and shouldn’t be eating while getting me on a specific diet plan. She has also helped me get Proffesional grade supplements that I now take daily. Her answers and support have changed my gut health and made me feel a lot better about my situation than any doctor has. Unfortunately, my doctors don’t have these kinds of answers, but someone with a nutritional diet background does! I am so grateful for her fast-acting help and her true knowledge of all of this. She has genuinely changed my life!”

-M.D. – Plymouth MA

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