About Heather Finlay, LIC. NT

Heather Finlay is a Plymouth Massachusetts native, a mother of adult children and a Licensed Nutritional Therapist. She is a member in good standing of the Nutritional Therapy Association. Heather is passionate about bringing her knowledge to others who seek to find and address the root causes that are preventing them from optimal health and wellness.

About Heather

Greetings!  Embarking on the path to becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) has been a lifelong pursuit fueled by a deep commitment to health and a curiosity about natural healing.

In December 2020, a pivotal moment confronted me with a serious health challenge—an ordeal that proved transformative. Facing severe abdominal pain, I underwent medical examinations that revealed a sizable ovarian tumor. While medical professionals initially identified it as a borderline tumor necessitating immediate removal and a complete hysterectomy, subsequent tests thankfully confirmed its benign nature. This experience triggered a profound shift in both my body and mind, exacerbated by the hormonal aftermath of the surgery. In the wake of this upheaval, my determination to navigate this journey of recovery emerged.

Foreseeing the challenges, I braced myself for the impact on my mental health, particularly given my predisposition to anxiety. As I sought assistance from healthcare providers, I encountered a lack of effective solutions, compelling me to take matters into my own hands. Deep dives into medical literature, extensive reading, and thorough research became my daily routine. Collaborating with my medical team, we adjusted my treatment plan based on the insights I gleaned from my exploration.

Though the journey was arduous, I emerged stronger and more attuned to my body’s needs. I acquired invaluable knowledge on optimizing nutrition and lifestyle for hormonal well-being. My profound transformation ignited a passion within me to share this knowledge and support with other women facing similar challenges.

This experience deeply impacted my life, leading me to reclaim control over my emotions and body. In the face of the discouragement to accept a new, restricted way of living at 44, I vehemently refused and took charge of my health. My mission is to empower others to embark on their healing journey, demonstrating that menopause does not equate to inevitable weight gain, fatigue, or mood swings. I am resolute in my commitment to guide women through hormone balance, drawing from personal experience and a fervent desire to provide the guidance I wished for during my own struggles.

Together, we can reshape the trajectory of your health, proving that you need not lose yourself in the process. I am impassioned about aiding women in achieving hormonal equilibrium, imparting the support and guidance that I found invaluable on my own path to well-being.


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