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The Nutritional Therapy Process.

As mentioned, Nutritional Therapy is a collaborative, relationship-based process that is best understood when experienced. However, to give you a general sense of the the process here are the steps involved.

STEP 1: Discovery Phone Call

STEP 2:  Extensive information gathering and background forms

STEP 3: NTP Assessment and plan input into Nutri-Q tracking/evaluation tool

STEP 4: 90 minute in-person initial consultation to review all forms and Nutri-Q data and dive deeper into your health concerns

STEP 5: Personalized individual plan finalized and presented to client- 60 minute in-person* meeting

STEP 6: Implementation of plan and data gathered throughout process

STEP 7: Re-evaluation and adjustments made as needed

Ongoing: You will have continued access to me through email for guidance throughout the process

*Meetings may be In-Person at our downtown Plymouth office or over Zoom based on your preference.

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