About Nutritional Therapy

What Nutritional Therapy Is
(and What it Isn’t)

It Is a Science-Based Approach

Nutritional therapy uses evidence-based science to address the bio-individual needs of each client. We focus heavily on balancing the foundations, which are Nutrition, Digestion, Blood Sugar Regulation, Minerals, Fatty Acids and Hydration so that you can feel your best!

It is Root Cause Focused

As an NTP I consider myself a “Root cause detective”! I  know for optimal health ,the origin of the dysfunction must be addressed! While I focus heavily on nutrient dense whole foods, factors that play a vital role in your overall health are things like stress levels, medications, and environmental factors. High stress levels can deplete minerals from your body. Taking certain medications can block your body’s ability to absorb nutrients. Environmental factors such as the cookware you use or the amount of screen time per day, can disrupt hormone levels and circadian rhythms. I am looking at every aspect of your life to bring you into optimal wellness.

It is Bio-Individual

I recognize and address the unique nutritional and lifestyle needs of our clients. There is no one size fits all approach. With our comprehensive analysis I tailor a plan that works only for you.

It is a Collaborative Process Between Therapist and Client

Through extensive interviews I create your own personal data set. From there, I information gather, research, and utilize the Nutri Q analysis software. I then develop your unique nutrition and lifestyle plan.

It is not a Fad Diet or a Meal Plan

NTP’s give scientific and evidence-based recommendations based on the collection and analysis of intake forms and my knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Nutrient dense whole foods are fundamental.  But those foods will be different for every client.  Here’s why its not a fad diet or meal plan:’

  • I facilitate change to macro nutrient proportions.
  • Provide support for barriers, such as uncertainty what to shop for
  • Help with how to prepare a nutrient dense meal.
  • Provide simple and nourishing recipes
  • I provide lifestyle recommendations for improved sleep and movement
  • I recommended Professional grade supplements like Biotics
  • I offer “pantry clean-outs” (I assess your pantry and make necessary healthy swap suggestions)
  • Clients have unlimited access to me throughout our working relationship

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